Naloxone Training. Opioid Overdose Deaths are Preventable.

Take ACTION Resources

For easy to read PDF version of how to respond to overdose and opioid safety:

Take ACTION Naloxone Brochure

Take ACTION Brochure – Low Vision (PDF)

For naloxone training videos:

Community Layperson Overdose Response

First Responder Overdose Response

For naloxone administration:

Intranasal Narcan Nasal Spray

Intramuscular Evzio Naloxone

Intramuscular Naloxone

If you would like to know more about how the brain is affected by addiction, watch this video on “Addiction Neuroscience 101,” by Dr. Corey Waller

For healthcare providers, if you would like to know more about co-prescribing and dispensing naloxone, check out Prescribe to Prevent

To learn more about harm reduction and syringe access programs, check out Harm Reduction Coalition

Naloxone Access


How to Access Naloxone:

In Michigan, you can obtain naloxone in several ways:


01. Standing Order from State Registered Pharmacies
Click here for a list of pharmacies that participate:

Prescription pad that reads "no prescription required to obtain Naloxone"

You do NOT need a prescription. Just go to one of the State Registered Pharmacy (Usually CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid are on the list). Ask the pharmacist for naloxone. The pharmacist will generate a prescription using the standing order issued by State of Michigan Medical Director. You will then be asked to pay the co-pay pending on your insurance.

Typically the co-pay is as follows:
Medicaid:  $0-$3 copay
Range $0-149 pending on your insurance


02. Agencies that distribute naloxone vials and Narcan nasal spray for FREE:
Find Syringe Service Programs near you

If you live in Washtenaw County, call Lemont Gore at UNIFIED to receive your naloxone:

CELL: 734-431-9137

OFFICE:  734 961-1078


03. Prescription from a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant


04.  For free naloxone for High Schools, Colleges/Universities, and Public Libraries:
Contact ADAPT for Narcan Nasal Spray:


05.  For free mail-based naloxone through the Red Project in partnership with NEXT NALOXONE:  Mail-Based Naloxone Distribution for Low and No-Access Communities

Treatment Centers

Washtenaw County

Home of New Vision | Ann Arbor

Home of New Vision is a leader in the field of substance use disorder treatment and a voice in the State of Michigan. We help people find the hope, confidence, and courage to change, leading them to a new and better vision for their future. Our experience teaches us that change is possible, that treatment works, and that recovery does happen!”

Dawn Farm | Ann Arbor

“For many years, Dawn Farm has offered a continuum of services to help addicts and alcoholics achieve long term recovery. With residential services, supportive transitional housing, outpatient treatment, sub-acute detoxification and a range of active outreach programs, Dawn Farm has always been there to help.”

Ann Arbor Comprehensive Treatment Center | Ann Arbor

“Providing high quality medication assisted treatment to individuals aged 18 and older, Ann Arbor Comprehensive treatment Center assists individuals who are struggling addictions to opioids by offering the care necessary to achieve lasting recovery.”

For medications for opioid use disorder in Washtenaw:

WHI: Opioid Project

If you live in:

Livingston County, MI – (517) 546-4126

Monroe County, MI – (734) 243-7340

Lenawee County, MI – (517) 263-8905

For other counties in Michigan:

Substance Use Treatment Information

National Treatment Locator

SAMHSA’s National Helpline
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Phone: 800-662-4357 (Help)


Support for Families

Families Against Narcotics (FAN) is a community-based program for those seeking recovery, those in recovery, family members affected by addiction and community supporters.